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A consultation 20 minutes cost 900 SKr (about 135 USD) and can be requested at


A telephone consultation can also be requested on the e-mail address above for patients living far from Stockholm. In that case background material such as the history of the condition (anamnesis) and digitalized pictures of the skin lesions first have to be sent to us for evaluation. The cost for a telephone consultation is the same.


The International Vitiligo Center has an associated treatment center in Switzerland, The Swiss Vitiligo Center, and patients living in Switzerland, France, Lichtenstein and Italy can directly contact the Swiss Vitiligo Center for consultations. In first had you should use their web based questionnaire at and wait for an advise. In urgent cases you can also reach them directly through e-mail or by Phone number +41-22-322-9508. The Swiss Vitiligo Center is located in the center of Geneva at Place Cornavin 12, Genève 1201 .


After more than 25 years in the field we know Vitiligo and how to fight it!











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 International Vitiligo Center has in November 2016 initiated a new collaboration with a treatment center in Geneva, Switzerland. For more info See


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Together with Colorado University in USA (Professor Richard Spritz) we are conducting a new vitiligo study there we look on what specific genes are involved in the development of vitiligo. At the Vitiligo Society meeting in Stockholm , May 24 2014, we will collect samples from all patients who would like to participate in the study. The sample is easy to collect (just a saliva sample), and there is no costs involved in participation. This type of study aim to understand the underlying factors better and thereby in the near future be able to direct a more precise and effective treatment.

For more information about the Vitiligo Society meeting, see Link below.


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New Vitiligo device:

In September 2011 The International Vitiligo Center has finalized an agreement to be a European agent

for the new targeted (focused) UBV device Levia® for the effective treatment of vitiligo.




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International Vitiligo Center



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